Blossoms galore!

24 05 2014

Fruit trees boasting full bloom now, with magnificent masses:

chestnut crabapple tree blossoms

chestnut crabapple,


honeygold apple tree blossoms

honeygold apple,


meteor cherry tree blossoms

and meteor cherry.

.meteor cherry tree, night view of blossoms

I love this night view of the meteor cherry.


east pear blossoms

The east pear has a handful of blossoms, too.

The plum has passed peak, blanketing nearby ground with loose petals.


strawberry blossoms, north of grape arbor

The strawberry plants north of the grape arbor are just beginning to bloom.


phlox along rock border, public walk, raspberries

The phlox lining the south public walk rock border are in full bloom.

See more of the day’s blossom photos here.

Plum blossoms

18 05 2014

The Mount Royal Plum burst open today.

2014-05-18 12.14.28

Yesterday, I would have guessed the apple trees would be first to bloom. Their pink buds were much more apparent than anything on the plum.

2014-05-18 12.19.40 2014-05-18 12.18.52

Today, masses of white blossoms suddenly made a grand entrance.

2014-05-18 12.18.23

The apples and pears won’t be far behind. Actually, I pruned the west pear so heavily that it may not bloom at all this year. The east pear has quite a few sets though.

2014-05-18 12.20.03

The red currant along the north fence in back is also in full bloom.

2014-05-18 12.21.202014-05-18 12.21.10

By the looks of it, I expect a large showing of currants this year.